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The Running Coach

Monthly Price - Rs 5500/-


Trained and Experienced Trainer

Four classes in a week

One hour session's

Early morning and evening classes

Training for Marathons

Long Distance Training (20 km to 40 km)

Heart rate, Blood pressure tracking and Stamina improvement training

Our Instructors

Terms and conditions

1. Running classes will be conducted 4 days a week. 
2. The pricing of Running Classes will be Price + GST
3. All purchases of Running classes are non- refundable.
4. Any cancellation of Running class from the consumer end will be considered classes not used and additional classes will not be provided. 
5. Any cancellation of Running class from the company's or instructor's side will lead to addition of same number of classes to the number of classes left. 
6. Class timings cannot be changed unless the customer informs us 24 hours below
7. We expect the customer to continue with the instructor due to value added service provided by the instructor to the customer. 
8. People will not be charged for Demo Classes
9. We expect the customer and the instructor to conduct themselves with the highest etiquette any variation from either side will lead to termination of class contract
10. We are a diverse organization who shall not allow any statement made on religious, ideological or theological aspects which may hurt anybody's sentiment

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