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Our Yoga Instructor


Manish Kumar Thard

Yoga Instructor

Manish has been teaching yoga to people from the last 8 years. He is from Delhi and has helped more than 200 people over the years and improve their lives. Manish has done a Masters degree from Bengaluru and is presently teaching Yoga to more than 100 students.

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Ganesh Sharma

Yoga Instructor

Ganesh Sharma is a Yoga practioner, who has helped multiple people. He has worked in NGO's improving the life of people across different work areas. Ganesh holds a PG Diploma in Yoga and an M.A. in Yoga from Delhi university. He has been working with less priviliged people in the area of meditation and Yoga

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Yoga Instructor

Meenakshi has been working in the Yoga space for more than 4 years. She has multiple Teacher Graduate program's under her belt and has a gold medal in National Yoga competition. 
She also has trained Covid patients to boost their immunity. 


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